It is a very common disease which human beings are suffering a lot these days. It is a type of arthritis (swelling of joints) in which there is severe pain, redness and tenderness in joints. This pain comes due to deposits of crystals   of uric acid in the joints.

            People usually takes painkillers when they are having gout. But repeated intake of painkillers may lead to many side effects in the long run.        

So we suggest if pt is suffering from chronic Gout they should take different measures in diet, exercise and medicine to reduce the uric acid first.      

In homeopathy there is permanent cure for Gout  and the patient is alright after taking Homeopathic treatment from an Experienced and  Professional Homeopath for some time continuously.        

At Dhawan Homoeo Clinic Ludhiana we cure patients with safe and permanent treatment for Gout successfully such patients and the patient is alright after taking Homeopathic medicines. RA factor also gets negative and patient is happy

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